212D2DAC-68F3-4330-AA46-5CE8D3385596.jpegHello all!
So quickly, big things that happened this week. One. My face is no longer agreeing with me shaving every day. Two. The sun is shining, but I’m still aprehinsive about calling it spring yet. 3 we had a dinner appointment pretty much every day this week. And we had a ribs not once but twice this week. It was nice! Me and Elder Lee unfortunate had to drop some investigators that were not meeting with us. Our to the one unfortunate got sick this week and Becuase of that he didn’t make it to the meeting or church. That was the miracle one from last week. I did go on exchanges after interviews this week with president. Which were awesome. Else Lowry served in north bay before I did. So we had some good talk. He is a solid guy. We dropped by a former who was a member in north bay. Coincidence for both of us to be there… Not! The lords hand is in it. She is now a new inv. Miracle! Gave away another BOM this week as well. She didn’t want to meet but enjoys reading
This was I. Chatham. We are almost done with putting our area online. Anyways, today we are going to Chatham to get some car work done and hang it with them. Fun to see other elders. Last week of the transfer. So weird! I hit 21 mobths this last week, time flies when you are win the device of the lord. Sun is shining. Gotta go, loves to all. Hope you all had a great saint patricks day. My Korean companion had no idea what the holiday was about. Love ya!
Elder Albert hanks
Ps scripute- 3rd Nephi 12 was inspired this week for. Me.
Jome: why did the invisible man turn down the job offer: he couldn’t see himself doing it!
Pics- yeah it’s great to be us. Love my haircut?



So yes i will say it was a noraml mssionary week with the exception of 3 things, which i will talk about in this weeks blog. 1)zone conference 2)facebook and 3) our new investigator! so first,

zone conference- it was the london, hamilton, and kitchener zones. saw some old frinds, msot of them are younger then me or are finsihing their missions soon… add that to the list of how im getting old.  but we talked about the part in the book of alma 49, where the lamanites, or in our case satan and his followers, seek to attack us, but because we have prepared and fortified ourselves spiritually we are bale to beat them back wiht almost no damage to ourselves.  so, wiht the phones, if we prepare and use them the way god has asked we do, satan will not be able to tempt us! got some training, talked about conversion. drive back was bad weather, didnt make the onramp turn becuase we couldnt turn the car sinc ether was ice haha but we are safe.

face book- yes we as missionaries are now allowed to use facebook for our prosleyting purposes! so what tat means- i can post, be friends with anyone, message people in our areas, like post and comments and such, but the rules still apply abpout communicating wiht family and friends during the week dirrectly- so if i dont reply to a messgae send ont facebook or messanger please do not be offended but i will do my best ot ackowledge you on mondays in emails. basically messagner would be the same as texting family, which we are not supposed to do. but if you psot something, i can see it during the week.  if i am focused on my purpose i can use it fully. so you can see what i do and say during the week more, make you all feel more connected! its a great ool the lord has given. if you are interested in our phone restrictions go to missioanry under the gospel library app and look at the safergaurds for using technology booklet.  its very helpful.

new investigaor- his name is daniel, he was found through facebook from sisters in bowmenville even before i had made an account! they sent us the referall, he was still up to meet, we met him staurday night- our ward mission leader brother fiss drove him in- he had a question about what happens after we die, so we taught him the plan of slavation- one of the most real and spiritual investigator lessons i have had in a long time- it was amazing! i guess i do know the content and can teach with the spirit, i just needed to trust the lord that he will provide people ready for the gospel! he will hopefully be coming to church thsi week.

thats the highlights for this week.  if you want to add me on facebook please do to see what we do during the week! after the mission i will see if i can compbine my old account with my new account, btu for now i have one designated for being a mssioanry. lvoes to all. oh, and i have been informed i have 100 days left exactly- jsut a fun fact. 100 day sto preach the gospel full time!

also, shout out to my sister izzy her birthday is this week!

elder albert hanks

ps scriptre: alma 12 was a powerful chapter i read this week


Q – what do you call a laughing motorcycle?
A – a Yamahahahahaha

Q – what season is it when you are on a trampoline?
A – spring time!

Q – what has one head, one foot, and four legs?
A – a bed.

pics: might not be as many as usual, but facebook might have some too:

my companion got a hold of my phone and took pictures, trying to get a good facebook profiel, and me and my boy elder coffey.


Getting old, destroying chicken coops, and a blizzard

yes all of that happened this week.  so getting old first- i started making a list of how i know i am old.  1- you no longer have tan legs becuase you always wear long pants. 2- yuo start not wanting to replace or buy new things because its not worth it to buy new stuff. 3- you have listen to almost your entire music collection at least 50 times. 3- its easier to count down now instead of counting up. 4- every missionary you meet(almsot) is younger then you- and you know all the older ones. 5- you have to start worrying about college…  glad i dont have to worry about dating yet! so thats the list currently. anyways, the next part- we did a ton of service this week.  one member needed our help to move junk out of his garage into a dumpster because he did early spring cleaning because his basement flooded.  so i got asked to fo out bak and destroy a chcken coop! which i did. my companion sent me the brieg video. and YES i got to use a sldgehammer.  it had some weight to it.  no new investigators or potential investigators this week. however we did give away two BOMs to people that were not interested but took the Book. we will let the spirit do the rest of the work. so i went on echanges with elder dixon from centerville utah this week. he is b far the mst spiritually in tune and spiritual msisionary i have ever met. he is a zone leader and used to be a fasri/persian speaking missionary.  we only had an hour to find- picked two former inv, visited one then walked to the other, all the while knocking some doors and talking to people. we talked to so many different people it was crazy- 3 or 4 ethnicities and 4 or 5 religious background! cool.  super fnu exchange.  oh ad thrusday night our plasn were intereuppted becuase there was a blizzar- we went from spring to a winter blizzard and snow everywhere ina  matter of a few hours.  it was crazy- one [hoto sorry not mroe.  fast sunday was good- it knocked me out though, i think more then usual. Oh wells, ill have to rpepare better for next time. there is sunshine now- its a good life! gotta go, love yall!

elder Albert Hanks, Esquire!

ps scripture: 2nd Nephi 27 is a good one, very insighful this week.

pps- jokes- what does a baby computer call its father- data!

My dog used to chase people on a bike. It got so bad, I had to take his bike away!

pps pics: snow- kinda dark. me and elder dixon- goofballs! and this summs up my district. i think its time for a haircut…

I went as far south as i can go!

Yes i did! today me and elder lee went to pelee point in ontario! it is the souternmost point of ontario, and on the same latitude of rome and barcelona! it was fantistic! still ice chunks in the water, but we had a great time! anwyas this last week- we did a good amount fo service- at the food bank and we also help cut carrost one day. visited some less actives- one is from cambodia and she is going back there soon, she needed our visit this week the spirit helped to uplift her.  miracle this week- last transfer elder lee tracted into a thai family and we wer finally able to visit them agian las tsaruday! the parents onl speak karen(karin?) something like that, kids speak english- so we talked about the BOM through te daugther. they are awesome! that was a cool miracle- also knocked some doors- had someone try and tear us down about how what we teach is a lie- sad to see, but it shows we are doing what we are supposed to be, and since we are despised we will be blessed later on. We are on the Lords errand. all we really incvite people to do is to read the Book of mormon and to pray about it! but many will not. its sad, btu we keep going. other then that- church was good. elder lee got sick this week a little, small cold, but he recovred quickly! leamington is a good farming town.  i wonder wehre the trees are- i miss them haha! anwyas, pretty much all to report. oh funny story elder lee and i went t the car at like 8:30 to get something- and he forgot to card to get us bakc into the building! soooooo we had to buzz one of our neighbors to let us in, we felt so foolish! hah you live nad you learn. anwyas, i just want to testify that God loves each and every one fo us- if he did not, i would not be out here. lvoes to all

elder albert hanks

PS Scriputre- Moroni 6 talks about why we need church.

ps joke: why did the dog cross the road?

becuase the chicken wasnt avaliable!

pics: a lot from the point today!


So yes i went from freezing my behind off to the snow almost gone today! Lots of driving for trasnfers, stayingin Weston for the night, then the next day after saying hi to people at trasnfers i made my way to leamington! got here with my old friend elder lee, who was in my district in north bay a trasnfer ago! he is from south korea, so my most foreign companion so far! leamingotn is a farming community. lots of farms, open country. nice place- we have plenty to do though, members feed usregulary, we have some less actives we visit, and some potentials an former investigators we have been visiting. one potential let us in for 10 minutes and we taught about the BOM- acutlly caught us off gaurd that we were let in, s we will be better prepared when we go see him next weekend. monday yessterday was family day, so we got late notic pday was moved to tuesday this week. so yeah that is why we have pday today! left a day open yesyterday afternoon, so we had a bunh of peopl we visited- one spanish family let us right in and before we knew it we were being fed rice puding and chicken  tacos! funny thing was we had to get out of there to go to an early idnner appointment- that was chicken! oh we were ful.they love the mormons- nto sur eif they want to investigate, but they say we cn come back any time- possibly when there is an event we can invite them! ward mission leader here is the one that is the most dedicated to his calling, we have correlation every week at his place after they feed us dinner!  there has been a lot of rain here, and beucase we are right on the lake erie we get a lot fo fog. like cant see more then 50 feet in front of you fog. yup. ltos of service here- we peel carrots one day at a store and work at the food bank for a few horus a differnet day! so we do service, visits, still entering out area book online. so- we get onlin proselyting- including facebook- at the beginning of march.  anyways, cant think of much else to report- the district is small, us chatham elders, windsor sisters, and the zone leaders come to district meeting. anyways, ltos fo spanihs people here- so while elder lee learns english i try and teah my self spanish! see how that goes… no hablo espanol! yet. anyways, gotta go, love ya all.

elder albert hanks

ps scripture: DandC 121-123 are wonderful scriptures that answer a lot of the hard questions in life.

pps joke- how do you kill a bee?

with a bee-bee gun!

pps pics: me and elder lee, that is lake erie even though you cant see it- im not sure if there is chicago or Cincinnati accoss the lake, i think chicago- my desk- tons of space, the temple- man i lvoe and miss that place- and me and elder martin, who is now home, and elder chevee my travel companion form the the north to weston- he is from france!


Double Exchanges and Transfers!

So yes this is how this week happened quickyl. nothing huge happened miracel wise, but we are seeing miracels every day- always look for the small ones. monday night we spent the night in sudbury. tuesday we had live dristroict meeting on using our phones right, and interviews with president, and elder kimball- who i was supposed to go on echanges with- is now the ap and went to brampton. i went on exhanges witht the sualt ste marie elders and got elder twigg for a day and ahalf. thursday we exchanges back in espinola- 3 hours away- stopped in sudbury and i went on exchanges with elder tarter to north bay while edler moldenhauer was in sudbury witht the downtown elders- who had a baptism this weekend! got elder moldenhauer back on friday. so elder modlenhauer was not in north bay from monday night to friday after noon, and togethe hours driving we drove about 24 hours- 12 each of us.  so yeah! usual people we visited. oh one story- we wer at the churhc checking something- sopmeone random walked in asking about family hsitory! so we gave him the family hsitory consultants number and then realzied after he left- the door was supposed to be locked and that was the only time all day we wer at the churc- there are no such thigns as coincidences! anyways, i am now going to be in lemington with my good friend elder lee from korea- and i am still a district leader! so this is trasnfer #6 as a district leder. anyways, thats mean abotu 7 or 8 horus in a car thsi week. i lvoe north bya, glad i served here. if lemington is my last area with the 3 trasnfers i have left, i intend to help the Lord work miracels here! anyways, gotta go, more next week! happy valentines day to all, loves!

elder albert hanks

ps scriputre: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2017/10/by-divine-design?lang=eng

llink to elder ronald a rasbands conference talk on how there are no coincidences!

jokes( for valentines day)-
What did the valentines day card say to the stamp? Stick with me and you’ll go places

What do farmers give their wives on Valentine’s Day? Hogs and kisses!

What did the painter say to her boyfriend? “I love you with all my art!”

What do single people call Valentine’s Day? Happy Independance Day

What is the difference between a calendar and you? A calendar has a date on Valentine’s day.

What’s the best part about Valentines Day? The day after when all the chocolate goes on sale.

Do skunks celebrate Valentine’s Day? Sure, they’re very scent-imental!

What is another way of saying Happy Valentines day! S.A.D, Singles Awareness Day!

What do you call two birds in love? Tweethearts!

pics- as usual!

elder moldenhauer at his finest- love that guy- some selfies of a gorgeosu lake- yes its frozen- us and the sudbury elders at linch- elder tarter was very tired during dinner hour, moldenhauer and the sudbury elders, us and the sualt ste maire elders, elder twigg how are we supposed to hit that button? one of the bes districts ever- and president and sister shields- me and the elgendary elder kimball who is now ap, and me with awesome sunglasses!

manitoulin island!

So yes i had quite the adventure this week. first if all, pday last week was elder moldenhauers birthday.  we went for pountine! and looked at the mall.  oh and some me,bers got him so ice cream cake for his brithday;) go members! oh and family home evenign at the etches that night we sang ot him- i also played a piano that was made in 1905 i think- it had pump pedals! teusday we did the usal stuff and went tracting! met some nice people, a few atheists, but my toes and fingers were hurting, and i wasnt wearing boots- there was some nice ice! almost fell down liek 20 times in 30 minutes! our investigator bombed our appointment- dropped by a lessa ctive that let us in, very nice, but not interested at the moment. dropped by some formers in that way, and two we have been trying to see let us in! we had like 10 minutes so we talked about the BOM and set up a return appointment for this week. someone we are trying to help quit smoking started champex, something that helps people to quit, and she hasnt smoked in 5 days! she is sooo happy right now! wednesday we went on excahnges, i went to manitioin island fro a baptismal interview for a lady name charlene, she is amazing has been being prepared by the lord for ehr entire life to find the restored gospel! she knows its true, and is getting baptized thsi saturday! so get from north bay to the place on the island was about 4 hours traight, then 2 hours back to sudbury-0 got stuck ina  pile of snow, but elder rigby, who is from herriman and is who i was with, pushed and i drove and we got out! thursday we exchanged back, dropped by a potential- who slamemd te door in our face- did had dinner at annes, whos friend listened to our message and said she wou;d be interested in learnign more! unfortuantly she is no longert interested, but it was ana amzing elsson and th spirit was ther in power! at annes, pciked up a memer and drove to callander to meet wiht a retrunring member, who had had a family emergency and was not there. sad, but we got to talk to the member- who is actually recently returning- and that was the day. friday we had district meeting over skype, brother allan took us to boston pizza- i loved it! first time ive ever been tehr- gave someone a blesng- sidenote its improtmatn to rememebr that as amissioanry we alwasy have to be worthy of the spirit and the preiesthood we have been given, we never know when we might need it- ran into another less active we hav enever seen before, he took our number, had dinner. then we hosted sports night at the church! we had 1 investigator and 4 returnign mebers there! it was amazing! sautday the senuior couple zobells from temiskaming visite us, they are awesome, we parcticed teaching the retosration to them.  helped move a television for soemne- the one we picked it up from isnt a member, and he was impressed we were on time! very happy about it. so always be prompt! helepd our ward msision leader with family hsitory- well, elder moldenhauer did- visited another retuning member, then did weekly planning that night. fast sunday was good, gospel principles was on the creation- pretty god lesson. we taught the plan of salvation in young mens, only one young man and ehhad a ton of good questions even we were unable to answer fully! smart kid. ward council was goo,d they do an exellent job about what neeeds to be talked about and what doesnt. visited a member named brothe cutts in the hospital, took him the sacrament- he looked tired but ok.  dinner at th etches, visited anne, then finsihed studies. every da this week we have been trasnfering our paper records to onlone- its a long and mind frying process, btu it will be amazing in 6 months for future missionries, so we are working ahrd at it! made good progress. busy week this week. loves!

elder albert d h hanks

ps scripure: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2017/10/gods-compelling-witness-the-book-of-mormon?lang=eng

this is a talk given at the last general conference about the Book of Mormon by Elder tad. r Callister. exellent talk.

ps jokes: Q – What do you call a magician on a plane?
A – A flying sorcerer.

Q – what kind of berry has a coloring book?
A – A crayon-berry.

pics: me at the 100 year old plus piano, me and elder rigby, doing numbers at the end of the month, sports night, me and an awesome family in the ward! and a pic of manitoulin island- there wasno sign so i mad due with a buildig hahah. elder moldenhauers cake, and the poutine- come on states cathc up! wher is the pountie! also,



So last pday we took it slow, i caught up in my journal, read some letters, and thenelder moldenhauer cut his hair, we went to family home evening- we had two retrunign members there!tuesday was crazy, visited anne and then had to dispose of our old broken fuotone frame, kept the mattress thougj, the temiskaming elders came we ate then left at 4:30 to drive to brampton, about 4 horus driving- took 5 hours becuase of snow. hahah. now snow down in brampton thouhg! stayed with the heartlake elders, elder burton being one, then zone conference the next day! we got our smart phones!!!! iots offical, i no longer have a dinosuar flip ohone! we have a smart phone each, a samsung.  it works- even though i thought i broke it cause a screen popped up, but its good now! saw some old missionry friends. mainly talked about accountablilty and using the phones correctly.  drove back, got home at 9:30.  thursday to sunday we have been trying to figure out phones, download apprioved apps, and of course enter our area book- whihc had all the informarion of area for missionray work- oline for about an hour to hour 1/2 each day- aka we are busy! and my braing is fried and nim not used to having a smart phone for a year and ahalf, its weird! i forgot how to type. anwyas, we helped an 8 year old get baptized this weekend named shirley, we cleaned the font on friday and then the baptism on friday- we had an inv comig but he cancelled last minute. i was asked to do the confirmation, so i gave her the gift of the holy ghost! it was special.  sunday churhc ws good.  we had some fingin time after a meeting after church, btu no one was interested formt eh name sof people we had that might be interested. anyways, its pday and elder moldenhauers birthday today!  he is 19- youngster;) i will be doign another baptismal interview this week, this time in manitoulin isladn- 4 hours away from here haha, so exchanges it is! loves to all,

elder hanks

ps scripture: John 5:39, good one i found today!

pps jokes: Why do we cook bacon and bake cookies?

A child asked his father, “How were people born?” So his father said, “Adam and Eve made babies, then their babies became adults and made babies, and so on.” The child then went to his mother, asked her the same question and she told him, “We were monkeys then we evolved to become like we are now.” The child ran back to his father and said, “You lied to me!” His father replied, “No, your mom was talking about her side of the family.”

ppps pics: freezing rain!!!! an i just figured out how to upload pics from my phone to the blog!!!! its the best…. selfies casue they are the best, tnad the baptism! also, we have these pink plastic glasses- do i look good in pink?

Exchanges, driving, meetings…miracles

So it was one heck of a week. last monday we cleaned our apartment- like deep clean! super clean now, easier to think in there. Had fhe and two of our inv were there as well! tuesday we watched president nelson and his counselors get announced, he is offically the president of the church now! if you ahvent yet please watch the videos fo the relase to the church and the press conference.  also dropepd by  lot of formers we had selected. on f them said to some bcak on thursday! so excited. visited anne, she had been a member for a year now! helping her out with quiting smoking.  she is doing really well, tons of progress.  had dinner, then we fisnhed cleaing up the computers at the fhc that had been clogging up the computers.  the family history ladies were very appreciative of it:) wednesday we drove 3 hours to meet the sault ste. marie elders for exchanges, had lunch, then me and elder garrett derove back to norht bay- got home at 4, dropped off a bible, caught a less active family we hav ebeen trying to see, had dinner with anne and our ward mission leader brother bgraham, then had an inv lesson with 2 of our inv lessons- tlaked about the book of mormon wit them. thursday we did delivered somethign to a rerunging member, had 2 appointments set up up- one iwtht eh formes, went by and his wife answered and we taught ehr simply tht book of mormon and about our church, she is looking for the truth and so we will be meeitng with them soon! 2 new investigators.  the other appointm,en canceled, droped by some potentials- nothing.  dinner at an ative members place, one of their daughters is going on her mission to BC! saw a rerturning member, she ahs been reading the book of mromon.  friday we drove to sudbury and haed district meeting together as a district- cant do it too often since we are so far way, but it was good. talking about how to helpe peopl,e keeep their commitments.  dinner at a members, a chaotic lesosn with some inv- one had his mother there and she only belives in the bible and would nto even consider the book of mromon, very hard to teach. saturday we dropped by a referall we got kinda out of the way- the person was not interested, so we visite d a member we hadnt seen in awhile- she was so happy to see us, she said it mad eher day- share the light with whoever you can! rest fo the day we had appoitnments and dinner, then we got a new coach! forgot to get a pic, but its awesome! our old futon coach broke- not usfal at all! sunday we had church, no inv came, ward council-t hey are planning a family hsiotry day next month- and weekly planning,. and dinner at a family in the ward, the stevensons, i love them! goood week. miracles. loves! also doing achallenge in the zone on missionry stuff called the olympics, gonna tell mroe about it nex week! when we have smart phones!!! loves

elder hanks

ps scripure: check otu the sutff on lds.org about president monson and the new first presidency!

pps jokes:

Q: What do you get from sitting on the snow too long?

A:  Polaroids.


Q:  What’s an ig?

A:  A snow house without a loo!


Q: Why did Frosty the snowman want a divorce?

A:  Because he thought his wife was a flake.


Q:  Why does it take longer to build a blonde snowman than a regular one?

A:  You have to hollow out the head.


Q:  What do snowmen eat for lunch?

A:  Icebergers.


Q:  If you live in an igloo made of snow, what’s the worst thing about global warming?

A:  No privacy.


Q:  What do you call ten Arctic hares hopping backwards through the snow together?

A:  A receding hare line.


Q:  Where does a snowman keep his money?

A:  In a snow bank.


Q:  What is it called when a snowman has a temper tantrum?

A:  A meltdown.


Q:  What do snowmen eat for breakfast?

A:  Frosted Flakes.


Q:  What do you call a snowman with a six pack?

A:  An abdominal snowman.

Pics: selfies!!!


appointments, exchanges, warm, and cold

So let me see- last pday i did an intense workout and my arms hurt like the rest of the week, but i felt great so yeah. helped a member shovel their driveway and then dinner and the family home evening with all the singles in the ward. tuesday we planned a good day- visited a online referall, tuned out to be a lessa ctive family that said to come back tomorow- cool mriacle, now we know we can help them out! member fed us lunch at an all you can eat fish and chips place- i had 6.  then a less active called us, wanted us to visit so we saw him.  did companionship study, then visited our recent convert anne, who fed us dinner- stuffed prk chops.  figured otu how the broadcast systen worked at our chapel, then visited a rertunign member, he is gettign moe motivated to come to church.  wednesday we spent the mornign helping a member shovel snow off his roof- no joke, it was cool. i was ont he ground dont worry mom.  he fed us lunch, we visited another less active that called us out fo the blue and wanted to m3eet with us.  did companiuon study, visite the less actives that said to come back- will see them soon.  had personal study, dinner party with lots of members at brother cutts, then got a member and visited a member who is alo returnign to church. as you can tell we do a lot fo retrunign member work. thursday we went to kate kountry kitchen for lunch with the downtown elders, elder staheli and elder rigby. went with elder staheli, he is from saint goerge utah.  got back, planned some lessons, vsited anne, ate dinner, visted another less active that called us out fo the blue, and then went and gave a blessing. me and eldr staheli talked that night.  tons fo fun.  fridau we had district meeting over skype, that went well, ate poutine for lunch, watched the funeral broadcast for president thomas s monson.  wonderful service, it is sad to lose a prophet of god.  he is with his eternal companion francis now, im sure he is happy.  exchanged back. on our way ack to norht bay, there had been a bad accident- 2 lane highway, ice(actually all the snow had melted the day before, ididnt even wear a jacket! and then it all froze- calleld a flash freeze.) 2 cars had collide.d waited until it cleared enough for traffic to go through. visited the allens for dinner, had currey.  then visited a member that also cameto churhc out fo the blue this last week. tons of miracles! saturday we did studies in the morning- it was nice- grabbed some things- i had a package ot pick up, then we visited a retrunign sisters that is not doing to well, then took a young man form the ward named reuban to see anne- it was great.  ate dinner, did weekly planning, then visited 2 of our investigators we havent visited in a while- one came to churhc the next day! i lvoe teaching lessons.  sunday we had church, had a linger longer after- we brought brownies- talked to the bishop for a while. visited a member quickly, he needed some help moving things- and my companion is tall! i had to take a nap, 30 minutes- think the stress and fatigue wore me down, but im good now.  finsihed studies, ate adobo for dinner- phillipono dish a member made for us, updated our area book completly, then watched the pres and siter ucthdorf broadcast to all the young adults in the world.  it was fantasitc- my favorite part was when he said eternal questions require patience, so dont be suprised is some answers dont come right away.  anyways, back to the cold weather. hope all is well, loves!

elder albert hanks

ps scripure- look at lds.org at all the thomas s monson material after his passing, watch his funeral; if you can. what a giant of a man.

pps jokes- why did the elephant cross the road?

its an elephant whos foing to stop it?

pps pics: i got gluten free food in a package… i felt like wearing a SUU hat this week, and elder staheli brought his camillian onese.  yup.loves