Week One as DL

Soooo this is hurried but i will say i am echusted as the DL. a fiastco with transfers someone took the phone to hamilton tha neded to go to belleveille-  4 hours a way, we had to wait. tis week we mowed 3 lawns, tor apart a deck, got a progressing einvestigator wo will ge baptized this transfer- his name is greg- i threw together a district meeting the day after trasnfers, i will be doing a baptismal interview- i get no rest. its great bein dl, i feel like i can help so many missionaries! other then that we were just so busy we had no time to find anyone.  but it is workign great here!!! Elder Peterson is from alpie ut and he is awesome.  we get along great.  oher then that not much to report.  had to come to kingstont today in order to eamil since the one in napanne is clsed. well, gotta go hopefulyl i will write more next week! lvoe the mission!

Elder hanks

PS jokes:

Q: What’s red and bad for your teeth?
A: A brick.

Q: What did the mama cow say to the baby cow?
A: “It’s pasture bedtime.”

Q: Why did King Kong climb the Empire State Building?
A: He couldn’t fit in the elevator

Q: What did the banana say to the doctor?
A: “I’m not peeling well.”

Where do polar bears vote? The North Poll

Q: Why did the man name his dogs Rolex and Timex?
A: Because they were watch dogs.

What do you call a sleepwalking Nun? A Roman Catholic

Scripture: I just love the war chapters  i Alma Alma 48;17 is the best!

Pics: me elder strong and the belleville elders, and elder peterson- its his birthay today!

Transfers and a new Investigator

Well, another week has come and gone.  This week was pretty much the same as any other week.  we did some service, helped out some members, we actually visited some returning members and are helping them progress in the gospel. We are also trying to get the members out more, so we have been taking members with us to visit other members.  its has ben great. Also, while visiting a returning member part member family, one of the sons named Greg has expressed interest in being baptized! so we taught him the restoration,and while he did not make it to church he did make it for the last 2 hours of church, so fantastic! another new investigator this week, and he is very sincere and wants to be baptized, i think that can happen this next transfer.  he is 14. Been getting better, i have been able to function more and i am able to find more foods that i can eat- one member made me cookies using rice flour- they are good.  hmm i think that it. oh yes transfer calls happened and elder strong is going to be a Zone leader in the Barrie zone and i am staying here with a new companion called elder peterson- not sure on spelling- and i am goign to be the district leader. so thats tons of fun.  we will see how that goes, my first leadership since i have been on my mission.  Well, lve you all!

Elder Hanks

PS Scriputre: Alma 38 talks about Shiblon, one of the Sons of Alma. He is often overlooked- his older brother was Heleman (a later prophet) and his younger brother was Corianton, who gets taught quite a lot the chapters after. But Shiblon is just a hardworking, obedient son. SO if you ever feel overlooked, read this chapter and know- the lord loves you just as much as he loves an obedient prophet. So do your best- you may not be famous, but you will be blessed.

If athletes get athletes foot, what do astronauts get? Missletoe!

Q: What do elves learn in school?
A: The Elfabet.

What do you do when 50 zombies surround your house? Hope it’s Halloween.

What did the zero say to the eight? I like your belt!

What did the astronaut discover when he found bones on the moon? The cow didn’t make it.

What do you call a deer with no eyes? I have no I-Deer.

Q: What does a pirate pay for his corn?
A: A buck an ear.

Also, Russian Dolls are full of themselves;)

Pics: War paint from doing service;) thats dirt btw.

KODAK Digital Still Camera


Well, its was a a really good week.  Tuesday we went Lazertagging worth the zone.  It was fun, we then had dinner at a members.  Wednesday, we had a normal day until we decided to drop by a potential we had talked to on the street on Sunday.  And he was home, and let us in and we taught him the Restoration!!!! it was so awesome, we finally got a new investigator! our first one in my current area since i got here, about 3 months ago. We visited him again this week and taught him again. Him name is Jilles, he is from Quebec,  he is awesome. we will be seeing him tomorrow.  On friday we had district meeting, and some of the members came. they fed us lunhc. me and another elder put on a skit about Exodus 18 with Moses and Jethro, and we connected it to Missionararies using members in missionary work.  then i went on an exchange with Elder Martin to belleville- he is from Arizona.  we had a good time.  The rest of th week is good- i am avoiding gluten, it takes me out rpetty bad i i have any these days. my companio is helping me too. Also, at church, a returning sister brought ehr two sons who we never have met before to churh, and they had questions! we are going to see them sometime this week! two more potential investigators! a week full of miracles.  well, have a great week! love ya!

Elder Hanks


Why did Mickey Mouse go to space? To visit Pluto.

What did the chicken say when it got to the library? “Book book book book book book book…”

What’s brown and sticky? A stick!

Scripture: Alma 34 was a great chapter, i just felt the spirit extra strong when i read it this week.

Pics: The labels for the people we acted as- other missionaries helped- for our skit, and me and elder MArtin- at a stoplight of course;)

Canada day and the 4th of July!

so last monday we went on a hike with our zone and also went down a hole into a cave! lots of fun.  got exhusated thoug, was out monday and tuesday- recovered for the rest of the week though.  Wednesday we went up and did a sacrament service at a retirment home- me and elder strong blessed the sacrament, they have such a wonderful spirit about them.  also talked to some people, had dinner with a family where the kids are new converts- they are moving to cornwall, just out of our mission:( thrusday we helped the same family move, and then we had our scripture study class and correlation, talked about doing another movie night! speaking of which, i am directly related to Sara Franks, one fo the main characters in the movie 17 Miracles- sooo cool! my grandma confirmed it for me.  Friday we had district meeting and then i went on exchanges with the zone leader elder trump. he does not know if he is related. we had a good time, we acutally helped our next door neighbors load up a truck and move.  sad to see them go- they were nice neighb ors. got oreos with pop rocks in the frosting- firework oreos.  saturday we went to a town called bath and saw a parade.  its was good, not huge- but there were a ton of people there- talked to a tlot of them said hi.  lots of fun.  sunday we had church- did weekly planning, had enough time to go out and contact for like 10 minutes- talked to a guy named jilles and he said we could share our message!!!!! but he was not there when we went yesterday- we visited some people yesteday, contactd potentials.  exhuasted, still on the mend from getting sick- being gluten and diary free as a missionary is not fun.  well, gotta go, loves! happy 4th of july today, pday is today beacuse cnanda was observed yesterday, so it got moved to today.

Elder Hanks.

Scripture- D & C 121:36

36 That the rights of the priesthood are inseparably connected with the powers of heaven, and that the powers of heaven cannot be controlled nor handled only upon the principles of righteousness.

if we want to have power in our lives, we need to be rightous in our actions, thoughts, and words.



Q: What runs but never walks?

A: Water.


Q: What to you call a dog with no legs?

A: It doesn’t matter, it’s not going to come.


NASA put a bunch of cows into orbit.  They call it the herd shot around the world.


Q: Why did the school kids eat their homework?

A: Because their teacher told them it was a piece of cake.


Q: Why did the kid throw the butter out the window?

A: To see the butter fly!


Q: What’s a shark’s favorite sandwich?

A: Peanut butter and jellyfish!

Pics: a bunch of pics on the hike and in the cave, the kids that moved, and me decked out in candian gear for canada day.

17 Miracles

So last pday we just relazed, went and saw a cool monument that was dedicated for the first missionaries in Canada. then tuesday- we did some service, helped to get some preperation done for the movie night- wednesday we did some more service, visited some potentials- no one was interested- had dinner at a members, then we traveled to belleville for zone cenference on thursday- great meeting- they talked about how we need to talk to more people, and work with members.  Did not get a ton of sleep the night before, we were exhausted by the time we got home.  fridaywe had correlation, helped some mebers with gettting ready for young womens camp, had dinner, got the movie night finalized, visited some members, and then it was saturday! we visited some mebers, one less active man that is working towards getting his wife baptized in the temple so he can get sealed to her! then we had te movie night! we watched 17 miraceles, a movie about the early pioneers. Exellent movie.  we had about 20 people there, one less active i have never seen come to church and another non member who has investigated the church for years- he is called an eternigator.  he is nice. saturdy night i was exhausted, sunday i woke up sick. but we still went to church, taught sunday school- agian! thsi time it was on the word of wisdom.  we also ate lunch with members after, its called birthday sunday. then i went home and slept for the rest of the afternoon, hydrated and ate and did studies, and slept through the night.  felling much better today.   i have gotten better at talkign to people- still a sturggle for me.  Well, thats the week. Take care, i lvoe you all.

Elder Hanks

Scripture: Alma 22:15-18 talks about the king of the lamamnites and how he was willing to give up everything to know god- are we wiling to give up everything to love and serve god?


Q: Why are hairdressers never late for work?

A: Because they know all the short cuts!


Have you ever tried eating a clock?  It’s very time consuming.


Q: What is the color of the wind?

A: Blew.


Q: Why do museums have old dinosaur bones?

A: Because they can’t afford new ones.


Q: What did one wall say to the other wall

A: “Meet you at the corner!”

Pics: half of my mtc district, elder callister, me and elder wilkins, and the monument we saw last week.  and a lake.  its a cool monumnet, and its about lds missioanreis and its in my area!


So yes it is official.  I hit my year mark on Thursday- got a call from another elder in the zone. elder wilkins, who i came out with, on thursday morning and he was like “guess what day it is?”  not i feel old! flying home in a year.  well let me ssee- last monday we played sand volleyball with most of the zone, that was great.  tuesday- visited a sister in the hospital and gave her a blessing- she is pretty sick.  visited some fomers and potntials.  Wednesday we had someone feed us lunch and dinner- oh boy was i full.  this week we had some challenges to try, so wednesday we had to carry a random object around all day and talk to people with it- i brought an umbrella- ti was really sunnny that day- and elder strong carried a picture of ducks.  we got some interesting contacts to say thr least.  thursday- scripture study class, visted some members,  helped set up some tents for an art amoung the ruins exhibit- and then friday we had district meeting and interviews with president.  then we exchanged, and i went to belleveille with elder garrett- we got ready for the baptism they had on saturday- we cleaned the font, got it lookin nice! satruday exchanged back, then we worked on a movie poster since wwe are watching 17 miracels this satueday hoping some members bring their friends so they can feel the spirit inside the church, will let you know how that goes! that was the day.  sunday was church and fathers day! i got to give a talk about my dad, it was great i was able to say how much i love and appreciate all he does for me.  then that afternoon i got sick- just tired, had like split personality, muscles ached. so i did some deep breathing and used my doterra oils ad i was fine in an hour.  well, that was the week- cannot wait to see what this week brings.  gotta go, LOVES! HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

Elder Hanks


Q: What do cars eat on their toast?

A: Traffic jam.


Q: What did Snow White say when her photos did not show up?

A: “Someday my prints will come.”


Q: What did the lawyer name his daughter?

A: Sue.

Scripture: 1st Nephi 10: 19

19 For he that diligently seeketh shall find; and the mysteries of God shall be unfolded unto them, by the power of the Holy Ghostas well in these times as in times of old, and as well in times of old as in times to come; wherefore, the course of the Lord is one eternal round.

Pics: US contacting, me at my YEAR mark, me and elder garret- we had selfie day from the zone leaders- and momma duck and her ducklings- so cute! Loves!


Service, service, service… Sleep?

So i will just go day by day this week. Monday we had our pday stuff, we got a nice big stock of food- i got gluten and dairy free stuff yeah! then we played flag football and soccer with the zone! tuesday- we had tons of little errands we ran, forms to do, and we met withe the branch rpesident and talked about stuff.  had dinner at a members, visited a LA man that recently hurt himself. he is doing well. Wednesday we were in service clothes all day except for 2 horus- service at the local seniors center making food, then we did yard work for an elderly lady, then we helped unload a truck for the Feed the Children drive we did on saturday- then we changed and had dinner at a members, they lived far away so that was the 2 hours in misionary clothes.  back, more yardwork at someone elses hosue.  thursday- we had missionray correlation talking about our week wiht the branch mission leader, then lunch, then we helped at a scriputure study class we have every thusday, then we visited some people, got studies done, then visited a fairly new member that is workin on going to the temple soon for his endowment! friday we had district meeting, had more service moving stones all afternoon, dinner, then we helped set p for saturday for the feed the children thing on saturday. Then saturday- another day almost entirely in service clothes. after a member took us to a breakfast place called le crepe- not kidding, exellent food- we went tot the chapel and started bagging prepped food- lentils, rice, salt, and dehydrated vegetables- into packages and then selaing them and boxing them. you ca look up more on the feed the children thing, sure its online. we helped all afternoon untill we ran out of supplies- rice first. we packaged over 20,000 meals, jsut our branch! it was a thing the churhc did across allllll of canada i believe.  Sunday- needless to say we were exhauted, and we had ti do weekly planning then! i took a nap during our dinner hour. After studies we went to Belleville so elder Strong could interview someone for baptism there! she was amazing, so ready to be baptized. that was the week- barely had time to think, by far the busiest week of my mission- in my slowest area no less! we are thinking of doing a movie night soon- more to come on that. So yeah.  Love you all!

Elder Hanks

PS- jokes this week:

Which baseball player holds water?

The pitcher.

Q: Why did the golfer wear two pairs of pants?
A: In case he got a hole in one.

Q: How do trees use the Internet?
A: They log in.

Q: What do you call a polar bear in the jungle?
A: Lost.

Q: Where do sharks go on their holidays?
A: Finland.

Q: Why can’t your nose be 12 inches long?
A: Because then it’d be a foot!

Q: Why did the bunny go to the hospital?
A: For a hoperation.

Scripture- Alma 12:9-18, exellent explination about how Jesus Christ will Judge us, and what we can do.

Pics: I just wrote a bunch of scriptures on a white board- dont know if you can reda them, the only pic i got this week. Loves!

KODAK Digital Still Camera


Staying in Napanee!

Well i will say this much. Me and elder strong will be staying together for another transfer here in Napanee. We are not sure what we can try to find people to teach, but we are going to pray for inspiration. This last week was pretty much the same as always- service, trying to visit people, service, exchanges with Elder Garrett- he is from kaysville and from Davis High school, he is sweet we get along great! We had our last district meeting of the transfer, that was fantastic.  I talked about developing christlike attributes, chapter 6 in preach my gospel- my favorite chapter i think.  Well, church was good, fast sunday- i have truely come to appreciate fast sunday more and more.  I feel closer to my father in heaven, and he is in turn closer to me.  I feel at peace when i do it too.  Yeah that was the week. if there is something you would like to know i can tel you about, let me know.  Any cool miracles i try and let you know aboout. Every day is a miracle of course, but cool experinces i will try and let you know about it.  well, until next week.

Love you all,

Elder Hanks

Scripture: Elder Jefferey R Hollands talk entiteled songs Sung and Unsung.  Very moving.

Q: Why did the bunny go to the hospital?
A: For a hoperation.

Q: What do you call a snail who likes to sail?
A: A snailor!

Q: What do you call a girl with one leg?
A: Aileen.

Q: What did the pony say when he had a sore throat?
A: Sorry, I’m a little horse.

Q: How do you create light by using water?
A: Clean the windows!

Q: Where did the general keep his armies?
A: Up his sleevies.

What did the toaster say to the Bread?

Your toast!

Pics: Me and elder sommmers, he is goign home.  me and elder garrett, we ad a great time.  the napnee waterfalls, and ur district. gotta go, love ya!

Giant rocks and service.

So last pday we went an saw a giant rock. Kinda cool, but other then that this week involved a ton of service. WE mowed at least 3 lawns, some not so small lawns, and kept fixing our apartment up, and then trying to keep on visit some formers and less active members.  We got to talk to some of them, and while they were all very nice to us they told us they were not interested at all unfortunately. Kinda hard, but its all we can do to keep on going day by day and trying to help at least one person come unto christ.  Visited with some members,  trying to help them do missionary work,  a good cumber of them are elderly and do not get out much to do anything, including share the gospel.  But we will keep on doing what we are able with the last week of the transfer.  Wednesday we were able to go and help with a sacrament meeting at the Retirement Home, that was nice.  About 18 people were actually there, it was great.  I blessed the sacrament and elder strong gave a talk on the Priesthood.      Well, gotta go, but i love you all.  Have a great week! Hope everyone has some great plans for the summer.


Elder Hanks


Q: What has more lives than a cat?
A: A frog. It croaks every night.
Q: Did you hear about the kidnapping at school?
A: It’s okay. He woke up.

Q: What did the math book say to its therapist?
A: I’ve got a lot of problems.

Q: What’s red and smells like blue paint?
A: Red paint.

Q: What do you call a sheep without legs and a head? A: A cloud.

Q: What does a clam do on its birthday?
A: Shellabrate

Scripture: This week i really enjoyed President Eyrings talk entitled
“Gathering the Family of God” from the Saturday Morning session.  Very heartwarming and thought provoking.
PICs: Me and other missionaries, the giant rock- that is an elder standing under part of it, a snake in the river in Napanee, if you can see it it was cool, and me with a bubble face i figured out how to change the type of picture on my camera, its fun to see!

Bowling and Victoria day

So let me see.  last Monday we went bowling with a few of the other missionaries, that was fun. Fun to just feel normal for a while and not worry about whether or not i am perfect enough or being obedient enough etc. But i do love being a missionary work. I love trying to help people improve their lives, while at the same time being able to improve my own.  I feel the Spirit more and more and at the same time i am realizing how little i actually can accomplish without the Lord, but with the Lord i am able to do miracles. We literally ask people to change their lives- and Some actually do! if this work was not the work of God it would be useless.  Other then that, our week was fairly much like other weeks. We tried to offer service wherever we could, we organized and cleaned up records, visited less actives and former investigators, helping the members out as much as we can. We had branch council that was good.  This branch has some good leaders. Victoria day was good, we spent the morning helping the Branch President and his little sons clean up his yard and cut it.  it took about 3 hours, but it looks great! i love offering service when i can. Unfortunately no one was really home, we think most of them went camping.  That was pretty much the week. We are really exhausted.    Anyways, gotta go, love you all!

Elder Hanks

PS Jokes:

Q: What do you call a bear that is cold?
A: A burr.

Q: Why are vampires so easy to fool?
A: Because they are suckers.

Q: What do you call a T-Rex’s bruise?
A: A dino-sore.

Q: How does a cow sneak off a farm?
A: Right pasteurize.

Q: What is the difference between snowmen and snowwomen?
A: Snowballs.

Q: What do you call a bear with no teeth?
A: A gummy bear.

Scripture for the week: Compare Mosiah 21-22 with Mosiah 24 and see the difference between the people, their obedience, their response, and how much the Lord helps them.  Attitude makes all the difference. They were both in bondage, but the attitude was different.

Pics: Bowling, yes we are flooding big time in our area, a funny hat I found in our apartment, me and elder Sommers on exchanges( oh yeah i forgot to say i went to Belleville Friday, that was fun Elder Sommers goes home to Arizona at the end of the transfer), and a plan of salvation elder strong has- that involves Calvin;)