hello yall!

Let me see. where to start.  So first of all they made me wait over a week before i could have my first p-day to both send emails/post and what bugged me the most, DO MY STINKING LAUNDRY!  Oh boy, luckily i had a mother that overstocked me on clothes and sent me extras!  So yeah.  Also, we have been kicked out of the building with the cafeteria because the mission presidents showed up yesterday for training.  Plus the temple closes down next week for cleaning or something, so i only get to go once today.  So that those update.

I am on the top bunk of my compainion Elder Bybee, and there are six of us in the room all going to cananda toronto  mission, so ive been wih them for like the last week straight.  So far i have only come close to throtelling a few of them: one becuase he literally does not know how to shut up, another becuase he is district leader and the position has gone to his head, and my companion cuase i basically spend more time with him then i do with my own brain.  Hahaha but ya know, they are all good and i love them all.  They literally threw us into the deep end when we got here, said hey you get to teach some investogators! turns out that there are poeple that come to the MTC to be taught by Misionaries! Crazy.  Side note, this thing does not have spell check and im typing fast due to tinme consraints, so i will do my best but not promises.  I honestly do not miss my phone.  Life is SOOOOO mucheasier without it.  no stress(From that end).  But back to investoigators.  Me and my companion are teaching nathan, who is a cool guy but we just cant seem to connect with him.  One more lesson on sataurdday with him.  Dominic is our other one currently, and i feel like he is sooooo close to baptism! He understands the doctrine, we all felt the spirit yesterday and made him cry, but he needs to know for himself in his mind and in his heart that this is what he needs to do, we cannot make that choice for him.  Other then investigators, we either are n class, in the classroom doing personal/conmpanion study, eating, or in the residence halls sleeping.  16 hour days, wake up at 6:30 and go to bed at 10:30.  Oh and one hour for exwercise a day.  Except sunday.  I seriously need 2 hours people!!!!!!! At least im no speking a laungugae lik Russian or Finnish, those guys are in here for like 3 months(note, the russian speaking elders on the bopttom floor of our residence have offcally lost it- half the time they talk in russian).

But i love the MTC.  so spiritual, it is amazing.  ive learned a lot, and that this mission is not for me at all but those who i will hopefulyl teach that our loving father in heaven wants to return to him.  3rd nephi Chapter 27 is my favorite chapter now.

Anyways, the computer im using now doesnt seem to be able to upload photos, so i will upload some later sometime today at a computer that does.  Gotta go finsih luandry.  Love yall, Elder Hanks

PS Joke:

I foudn out tat when cananda was trying to figure out what to call it self, they drew letters:

First letter: C






So now you know.



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