Last Week in the MTC

I am not going to lie, these past 2 weeks have gone by so fast.  The days have simply melted together.  Honestly, that makes me sad.  Of sorts.  I can remember almost everything that has happened, the ups and the downs, the Spiritual and the sad times.  Life is crazy, but i have come to love the MTC.  Good news: i have only gained about 5 pounds! actually 7 but then i was down 2 more yesterday, so 5.  So the consipracy to make me fat has failed!!!!! Hahahahaha.  hmmm what else.  me and my district are the veterens now, we are in our final week.  language missionaries are here for longer, but for the English ones wer are.  So wanna be vereens;) We are teaching a new investigator this week, he is from the south and a really nice guy, hopefulyl we are able to fully explain everything to him since some of the important parts of the gospel are new to himm.  But we love him.  The district had some ups and downs as a whole this week, but i feel like we have come closer as a district becuase of it.  God gives us weakness so that we may be humble, and if we are humble he will make us strong.  Thats a scripture i read somewhere parappphrased, now i have to go and find the reference.  But it shows that we are all human and need jesus Christ o make us strong.  Glad i got the pictuers figured out, i may need to use a different computer so the few that i have will be posted in the next few hours.  Alma 32:26-27 has really been helpful the last few weeks, i highly recomend it to anyone that is feeling lonely or is doubtful of their abilities.  Life is good, i am learnng a lot about being an adult and how to make decisions by myseld without any support from anyone.  Me and my companion are great, we get along well.  I fly out next Monday for toronto, I cna hardly beleive it.  The next post wil be from another country.

my love to you all,

Elder Hanks

Joke of the Week:

Why did the dog cross the road?

becuase the Chicken wasnt avaliable!!!! Hahahaha

Stay tuned for next weeks joke.  Elder out.


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