hello all, so this week was one of the craziest of my life. We arrived, and i got picked up and we went to the mission house and the hotel for the night.  That was great, the next day i got my companion he is Elder Mckinnon and he is great.  Could not have asked for a better trainer.  We are in an area right outside of downtown toronto called North York, so we have bus passes that work for subways too.  So haha no car yet!!! Wer had like 3 lessons, we both are new to our area so we have been tryign to set up appointments, this weeek loks a little better for appointments.  We just need to keep talking topeople and have faith we will find someone.  This is Gods work, so i know i am doing yhe right thing.  I had soem homesickness this week, something im sure all missionaries have.  Also one of the longest weeks ever, but im sure it will get more natural and i will get used to the work.  Love yall, and no really crazy stroies, but man is it hot! like 90s and humid!!!!  Hope all is going well in your life.  I keep you all in my prayers.  The gospel is worth two years.

Love Elder Hanks

All i got for this week, the camera/computer is not working well together.  Me and my comapanion!

How did Luke Skywalker get around Endor after his speederbike crashed? Ewok-ed

Catch ya later


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