Week two

so i have offically been out in the field for over a month.  IS that weird to anyone else?  life in the big city is a crazy and b tons of people and traffic, people get chapped all of the time.  Car hrons blowing, etc. Pictures:

basicall this is to weeks worth, so yeah.  Subwasy buildings planes, wundrbar im addicted.  part of the apartment.

Ok so funny story for this week.  we were heading in for the night and it started to rain as seen in the picture above, and i jokingly said “jesus take the Wheel” and we started to run, and an older couple drove by and offered us a ride!!! i could just hear Jesus amd Heavenely Father Churckling at us.  So i am in a ward that is split in two with another set of elders, and we only have subway passes and buss passes, that is interesting.  Needless to say my feet hurt evey night we get in.  Thwe scvhedule is reigorous, bu twe got used to it.  im a little better this week, not as homsick.  Love to hear from yall, im on on mondays psoting and eamiling.  wish you all the best.  and my prayers are directed to the people of toronto in this area i serve and those back home.  Future missionaries or thois debating it, pray and find out if it is for you, but i promise you will learn and experince things that wioll make you a better person.  I will promise you you will not regeret your mission, if you work hard.  Well love yall

Elder hanks

Joke:  What do you call a cow with three legs? Lean beef! ok that was kinda lkame but i havent thought of or heard any good ones this week).  Better ones to come!


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