This week

Not a lot of time but real quick, another really busy week, mainly of finding people.  Me and my companion have not taught a lot of people, but we are meeting a lot of people thanks t public transportation, im a pro at them now.  Sorry no pics this week.  Bu tlot sof finding time, tracking down referalls, makingn calls to memebers and referalls, sand knocking doors.  Im tired basically every night.  But this week church was great, the sacrament meeting was packed with people!!!! and i went on exhcanges with my mtc companion elder bybee, and our campoanions took off with the phones!!! so two new missionaries late at night without cell phones in a big city, it was almost comical!!! we borrowed someones phone to call the other elders and we got it at like 12 the next morning.  if the Lord wasnt with us i would be afraid, but we justluaghed about it a lot.  Oh and one of our investogators came and saw an 8 year olds babptims, at which i spoke about baptism, and she feltnthe spirit and commited to be baptised in 2 weeks!!!!! that was 99% the spirit of the Lord working, and we just helped her with the logisitics, so know i know i cant do anything in missionary work without the Spirit.  REally hot and humid thisweek aye, like sweating shirts and ties every day.  Its nuts.  let me see, next week pday is on tuesday soemthing about a holiday on monday.  Well, im off to continue working, and i know the lord is with me! D and C 84:88

Elder Hanks

I would tell you a joke about a goat, but its so BAAAAAAAd that i wont hahahahahahahah

Love yall


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