Hello all! Pics:

So not a ton but me at a bus stop that dint come for like 45 minutes, that was fun, exchanges with Elder Brown, he is awesome.  Me in short sleeves cuase it is hot, like crazy hot still, and a selfie becuase i was in a strange mood and felt like taking a pictures, go chargers.  So cats.  Yesterday we cleaned a ladys apartment that hasnt been cleaned in a while, and it dirty.  Ohh and she has 9 cats living with her.  So yeah, i will never, ever have cats.  But exhchanges were good, the area i went to is actually quite nice lots of residentall and not a ton of apartment buildings, at least where we went.  This week we saw a baptism that the Fasi elders have been teaching, it was a truely spiritual experince. Wonderful, strenthedn my resolve as to why i am here.  we had dinner at the bishops house too, huge and beautiful.  The ward is starting to love and trust us, they are startign to invite us over and the bishop gave us a ton of memebers he wanted us to visit, either to boost moral or help in any waty we can.  I lveo service:) I truely can say i love the people of toronto, and i can almost say that every time i talk to someone i do it out of love for them.  It is all about love, for us and the savior.  This week i really connected with the story of Abinidi in Mosiah, he didnt even really see anyone converted beucasue of his work, bu the lord had an errand for him to do, so he did it!  Well, a busy week ahead, we have lot sog work to do, people to see, people to help.

Love, Elder Hanks

PS If anyone has good jokes send them to me

PPS how come the music students coyuldnt find the music teacher?  Becuase he was Heiden!!  (he was a music composer).


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