Bus Passes,Baptisms, and Downtown

Ok so this week was a really normal week for sleep, work, lessons, and finding people, which means Monday through Friday was finding.  A few lessons, met some great people, but nothing out of the ordinary.  Oh and splits with Elder Bybee, here are some pics, he made cachapas.


Plus a really cool car/truck/limo.  Plus pouring buckets.  Then i lost my bus pass on a bus saturday… yeah.  And it was not reported as turned in, so i will proabably end up with a little guiltiness, weekly bus passes, and a lot of humility.  But no worries, the Lord is with me, I will find a way to work hard and continue.

Second, Bona, our Investigator, was baptised!  Here is some pictures.

The spirit was so strong, and the room was packed! US missionaries were standing up cuase we ran out of chairs… and she bore her testimony.  SHe is super shy, so yeah! Plus the Fillipinoes really know how to cook food… I felt so fat, my stomach is puffing out a little, but im still under 150lbs;)  It made me want to work harder!

And today i went downtown!  Went to a resturnat to Albions, a bunch of really good food for like $10, pics below.  Also was the CN tower, but it cost $50 to take the elevator to the top, maybe later date.  Oh and i saw the Bluejays stadium.  Me and Elder MCKinnon and EWlder Brown and Bybee, we had a great time.

So yeah.  Me and ELder Bybee will go back at a later time to go to the top of the tower or into the aquarium i hear its super good.  We also went to the largest public library in ontario, HUGE and PACKED! zero comuters avaliable, all of the desks taken up, 6 floors.Yeah.  Well thats it for this week, my trainer Elder McKinnion goes home this week to Idaho and starts college, so we will see what the deal is next week.  This week i realized the importance of praying to heavenly father, he will answer our prayers if we ask sincelrely.  Missionary work only happens as we rely on the Lord and follow the SPirit.  IF this wasnt the true church, then there is no way that 18 and 19 year olds could teach the way we do and leave our famileis for two years and return home better people.  This is the true church, and the gospel is on the earth again and the priesthood of God is on the Earth.  I love you all, i love Toronto, and i love missionary work.  Two months already gone, its crazy!  More to come, and its stil hot.  Im hydrating a lot.

Love, Elder Hanks

PS where do zombies like to go swimming?  the Dead sea,hahah got that one from  close friend.


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