So good news i am staying in North York, i am not moving.  My trainer is going home, but i got a new companion coming over.  He becomes my companion tomorrow, so this is my last day with Elder McKinnon.  SO pictures!

So the two on the right is my district, about the greatest district ever.  And the ones on the table are elder call and elder mckinnon who go home in 2 days.  Ukrainian Pysanka is the egg decorating picture to the left, they draw designs using wax we helped them move some stuff and they gave us a free tour, if we have time we might go back some time.  A bus stop that has a sign that says no standing, thought it was funny.  In its defense there the view is blocked for the bus, but still.  And you know it is time for pday when the other two pictures happen Sunday night.  Yes it was one of those weeks.

Other then that, temple was great!  up and down days, got soaked a few times.  A few member apointments, a confirmation for last weeks baptism.  Not a ton of lessons, but this week will be better!  The atonement is what ive thought about this week, and how through it we can all change and become better.  More Chirstlike.  A lifelong pursuitm, but a worthy one.  I pray for the srtength to be able to do so.  I love my mission.  It has some not so good moments, but the spiritual moments and the joy of service are priceless.  Two years isnt enough time, but it will fly by.  I hope i enjoy the journey and i get to bless others and help them progress along the way.

Elder Hanks

PS Jokes fo the week these are good.

What did the aliens say to the cat?  Take me to your litter hahhahah

What kind of Bagel Flies?  A Plane Bagel.  Yup. ADios!


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