An Apostle

Yes i got to shake hands with Elder ballard this week when he talke dto the missionaries in this mission.  HE is so amazing, you can tell he is an apostle of the Lord.  I have no doubt in my mind.  Other then that my new companion, ELder Peterson, is from Edmonton Alberta Canada, he is sweet we will get along just fine.  No pictures this week since my cameras batteries died, ill get new ones today, but nothing super cooln to see so ill just get some good oens for next week.  Elder ballard talked about so many things, he just strengthened my testimony so much.  He is kinda funny too, so its good to know that even these amazing guys that are spiritual giants they can still crack jokes.  It makes them seem more real.  But i had a pretty good week, not a ton of lessons mainly a faith building week.  This week i like Ether 12:6 talking about faith, i know faith doesnt come all at once it comes over a period of time.  Well i love you all, hope this short entry can make someone smile.  I am well, over 2 months of my mission done i cant belive it.  I love the gospel, without it i dont know where i would be in life.


Elder Hanks

PS Jokes:  What do you call a pirate with two legs, two arms, and two eyes?  A Rookie!

WHo is the fastest man alive?  Adam since he was first in the human race.  Hahahahaha good ones


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