Another Week

Nothing spectacular or amazing happened this week.  We tuaght a few lessons, we only have a few investogators, but that is ok we will continue to work and teach repentence and about the gospel of JEsus Christ.  My new companion is nice, we get along just fine.  We have had a lot fo success with recent converts and less active members, one we got a hold of and she came to church and we were able to help give a baby blessing in sacrament!  So amazing, its wonderful to see how the goespel helps them feel happier in their lives.  i know for myself it really can improve lives, even just on my mission ive seen myself become a more humble, patient, and loving person( even though i had 3 little sisters and thought i knew what patience was- oh wells, now i know!  Love you Grace, Mary, and Izzy).  But the spiritual thought for this week, the story of the Stripling Warriors in Alma, i like to think missionaries aresimilar to them.  A great story and still applies today.  Oh Bona is going to be going to the Temple and do Baptisms for the Dead, we are so excited for her!  So happy so she that desire to serve and contribute.  Well pics for this week are not very good i only got batteries yesterday- or was it Firday? i dont know time is weird on a mission.

My companion making a funny face, he does that sometimes.  and me being me of course.


Elder Hanks

PS What is green, big, and fuzzy, and if it falls out of a tree it will kill you?  Give up?

A pool table.  One of the more interesting ones, but still makes you chuckle haha.

and one from my sister.

Why did the elephant paint his toenails red? To hide in the cherry tree.  SYKE!  ITs a stinking elephant, it cant hide in a cherry tree!  haha.


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