Exchanges, twinkies,the Temple, and the Aquarium

So an interesting week.  First interesting thing we got on a bus and a Mongolian lady walked up to us and told her to visit her!  Basically we got a new investigator and all we did was walk on the bus.  Ok so yesterday i went on exchanges with Elder Herbert, Elder Bybees companion.  He goe home in December, and he is super awesome.  Funny. And he is from Missisippi.  BUt we had a lot fo fun, and we tuaght a less active and got a few potentials!  Saturday we went with Bona to the temple since she had family names, it was sooooo awesome to go there and feel the spirit and see her have a good experience.  Ok it was alos elder bybees birthday this week, my companions birthday he is now 20.  one of the farsi’s on sunday.  So yeah the best birthdays are in Septemeber:)  OK let me see. oh yeah so we have some twinkies at the apartment, and i tried to mke pancakes yesterday, but i used a little too much oil… i deep fried it and almost a made a twinki.  mising frosting!  so yeah.  oh adn we went the aquarium today.  Lots of fun pics, we had lots of fun (me nd elder bybee and elder peterosna dn elder Herbert).  Well lots of funny stories, one day ill have time to tell all of the stories!  Love to all.


Yup lots of good pictures.  Love to all.  Scripture thought: Ether Chapter 12.  Explains Faith, the first principle of te gospel.  Loves!

Elder Hanks

PS Joke: what did one sock say to the other as it passed it in the dryer?

Ill see you next time around!

Next Joke:  Whats one good thing about livng in switzerland?

Well the Flag has a big plus on it!  hahah yeah.


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