19, a 70, and Sweat

Hello one and all! This week i turned 19, that is just weird, soon ill be 20 years old!! haha not really.  But last pday was tuesday due to labor day.  Then on wednesday we were out and it was so humid the black strap on Elder Petersons bag left a mark on his shirt.. see above, he doesnt have his bag on! yeah that bad.  ON my birthday we had a big meeting with the missionaries and met President Arnold, a member of the 70, qwho was so amazing and gave us some fantastic pointers.  We were so uplifted,.  Then i opened my birthday packages see above, but im happy with them.  Plus i got happy birthday sung to me a lot, so amazing.  The cake is for mine ad Elder Petersons birthdays, super good and super rich.  Yeah i did the cutting.  Saturday was super hot and humid, no joke.  Oh Tuesdy night last week it poured so hard raingin we basically went swimming.  To wet to take a picture, but im sure it will happen again.  Tuaght a super spiritual lesson on saturday night, everyone could feel it as we tuaght about the sacrament and the atonement of Jesus Christ, who is the center of our messsage.  Ive thought a lot about the savior this week, and i spent a lot of time pondering wether or not i am doing all i can to honor him and show him that i love him for what he has done for me.  I cant even imagine what he went through.  Thanks to everyone that told me happy birthday wether by email or some other means!  it means the world to a missionary.  This week on the 15th marks me being in the field for 3 whole months, if that doesnt suprise anyone.  Unday was great there was  meet and greet afer for 2 more missionarires from the ward leaving on missions.  Well, got to go.  Oh and the last picture- yeah i may have tried to cut my own hair- lets jsut say next time will be better!!!!!!!!but its a good thing hair grows back out.

Love to all,

Elder Hanks

PS what kind of compiter sings?  A dell.  hahahahah.


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