Niagra Falls and Transfer

So sorry for not posting last week but i went to Niagra Falls and it was so much fun!  We sang fun songs on the ride there, got some shirts, saw Niagra Falls, took pictures, had a great time!  Kinda far so thats why so much time was taken up.  This week was crazy, preparing the area for whoever would be here next transfer wether it was us or new elders.  We had lots of active member appointments, they had some really cute kids.  But we also had lots of investigator appointments this week. We taught a Mongolian lady this week, and we talked about Gods Plan for us and how we can be with our families forever, and we closed with a prayer and she was crying after, and the Spirit was so strong it almost made me cry for happiness for her.  I feel like she is one of the people i was meant to help on my mission.  But  we had lots of laughs this week, told lots of stories, and i really got to love my companion Elder Peterson.  The ward here is amazing.  But i felt like i was being moved to somewhere else where the Lord needed me, and we got a call Sunday night from the Mission President saying i was being moved to Burlington!  So i will be going there tomorrow, and meeting my new companion and working there for at least 6 more weeks.  This week i thought about how important prayer is in our lives.  If we ever need help, we can simply pray to our Father in Heaven for help and guidance, and i know he will be able to help us and let us feel his love.  Im grateful i am here on my mission.  Untill next week!  Love you all!

Elder Hanks

So for some reason the computers wont allow any pictures to be downloaded right now, that or my camera is dead, so unfortunatly i cannot put any pictures on, hopefully be next week i will be able to.  But the Joke of the week!

my friend thinks he is smart. He told me and onion was the only food that can make you cry, so I threw a coconut at his face.

and also: what did the duck say when he bought lipstick? Put it on my bill! haha so yeah.  Love to all, sorry about no pictures.  I will get them up next monday.





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