Burlington, Temple, and General Conference

SO here are the pics for the week me of course then our temple trip on friday for general conference, me and my new companion with the red hair, our namtags, me and Elder Bakker my friedn from back home and my MTC companion Elder Bybee, who i have finally been parted from and makes me super sad!  But im now in burlingotn with super nice area, the lake ontario i think in our area pic next week, a good ward, and a blessed CAR!!!! it makes life so much more nicer to do missionary work and to travel and to visit people and potentials and do errrands! this week we tuaght a few lessons, rearranged the aprtment which is nice btw pics later went to the temple helped with a move twice and watched general conference!  to all, i would encourge you to watch some if not all of it on lds.org see the link on my blog.  Elder Nelsons on joy seems to be the overwehleming concensus on best one, so at least watch that one.  i love elde oaks on memeber missionary work, and how we can all do sevice and invite others to feel to love that comes from having the savior in our life.  a great week.  love my new comapnion and the area, gotta go though missionary stuff to do!!! Loves to all, would ove to hear from you, you are all in my preayers.

Elder Hanks

Joke of the week (my dad’s):

Q: What city are you in when you drop your waffle on the beach?
A: Sandy Eggo

Good one!


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