So it was a usual week in the field for the most part until we got to Saturday.  WE did service- mowing lawns, cutting wood, organizing sheds, etc.  But we also had someone walk up to us when we were at Costco for lunch and ask we could meet and talk about what we teach!  it was so awesome, we are super blessed.  WE also gave talks yesterday in sacrament meeting, and we had from Tuesday to prepare- that was fun.  WE talked about He is at the Helm.  So that was good.  WE officially scraped ice off our car this week- that means i need to go get some winter gear.  Its almost 0 degrees in the morning(in Celsius, almost freezing).  I tried pork chops for the first time ever.  Don’t know if i liked it.  WE started meeting with some new people, helping them out.  Sometimes we were so busy we could not keep up, other times we were like well what shall we do with our entire afternoon?  SO we have to in by 6 tonight, because it is Halloween.  Let me see what else- not much else is new, this is the last week of our transfer,and the next one takes us right to Christmas! SO weird to think!  I’ve come to love Burlington, it has it good things and bad things of course, but i feel love for it and the people in it, and i fell like I’ve been able to help some people in it since Ive been here.  Well, i am glad on a mission, finished the War Chapters in the BOM this week, wonderful chapters, everyone can apply them if they are studied.  Hope everyone has a happy Halloween!

Elder Hanks


Our armor of god for a lesson, the extent of my winter gear so far, me on an inversion table- feels great- our “Halloween” costumes, and a spider we found in the apartment.  Sorry on the quality.


Q: What did one eye say to the other eye?
A: Between you and me, there’s something that smells.

Q:How do you know a clock is still hungry?
A: It goes back four seconds.

Hahaha so awesome


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