Transfer #4

So its weird to think that this week marks me being out on my mission for 5 months- mind boggling.  Well, i got my new companion Elder Gutierrez, he is from Spanish Fork Utah and is awesome! WE get along great and we both want to work hard to bring the gospel to the blessed land of Ontario to the citizens of Burlington!!!!!! Its gonna be sweet.  I have pushed him hard this week to know the people we are working with, the area, the ward, the members, and everything else he needs to know.  We have tracted a lot, handed out a lot of cards, and it has been sweet!!! We helped a lady move about a month ago, and we were able to meet with her this week and give her a Book of Mormon and is willing to read it and see for herself it is the word of god!!!!! SO sweet.  Last night we went to a fireside at the church where 2 investigators were, and it wason emergency preparedness- super informative and very cool, suggestion to all to have a 72 hour kit.  FUnny story this week- of forgot my coat one day this week, and about 4 or 5 people we visited was like “Where is your coat?” I gave in eventually and got my coat, thinking “They all sound like my mother” i love you mom.  We have another investigator that wants to be baptized, but is not ready to set a date yet- we are praying she can receive and answer to her prayers.  and i feel justified in saying i never want to see a pile of leaves ever again- my shoulders are on fire from raking so many leaves this week.  I love giving service- my body does not hahahahah.  Well, thats all folks!  To all, i love you ad wish you the best, ill write more next week.

Elder Hanks.



What is it called when Batman leaves church early?
Christian Bale!!!!!
Donald Trump becomes the president of the united States of America….
Oh wait that’s real life….
Pics: ice cream- mine is oreo- wehave the samebag, i am now driving and broke out my tiwi car for the tiwi box we have, me and my new companion, and the usual look around town now a days.

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