Ok so on Friday we were out in our shirts and ties and no jackets.  Last night it was snowing, i had my winter jacket on, my took(hat), gloves(i need better mittens) and two pairs of socks- yeah, and i was still cold. I’m gonna get home and thaw in the Desert heat.  But this week, nothing new as to the news of investigators.  We had a few lessons fall through unfortunately, but we had some really good and spiritual ones, one member lady that has been less active but wants to start working her way to the temple!!!!! YEAH!!!! We also found about 5 or 6 less active members that want to start meeting with us, so miracles.  One time we walked up to an apartment building wonder how in the world we were going to get in and a lady walks out and it was the lady we were looking for!!!! We got her number and are going to visit her sometime this week.  We built a fort out of blankets on Monday for Alma 49- its was sweet.  The family we were with had a 12 year old boy, he loved it! Umm Not much else new, still no snow- but it will come soon enough i’m sure.  SO a good week.  Me and elder Gutierrez are doing great, no problems- we have some good laughs too.  Well, thats pretty much it!  Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the States! Make sure to enjoy the turkey.

Loves, Elder Hanks


What did one sea do when he saw the other sea?
He waved.

 Why did they let the turkey join the band?
Because he had drumsticks!!!
what is a football’s favorite sport?  Hiking!!

So the fort, My companion being “cool”, some fudge a member made, me before i gave myself a haircut, and yeah me trying to stay warm!



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