American Thanksgiving in Canada

SO yeah that doesn’t exist.  haha so we went about the day as usual on Thursday and i realized halfway through the day that today was supposed to be Thanksgiving! Kinda made me sad for a little bit that i was missing it, but i’m glad Everyone had a good thanksgiving.  We had good old Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches.  grateful for those.  This week we did a ton of organizing, sorting, and making sure we know where everyone lives and who is interested, so that way we are more effective with our time.  Also this week we were at a busy street corner and talked to a lady- turns out she wanted to meet us right then and there! She has a friend that is Mormon and she wanted to know more.  SO we ended up giving her a Book of Mormon and all of the missionary pamphlets with the discussions we teach people.  But she did not give us any of contact information, so we hope she reads them and gets to read about them and pray to know if they are true.  But it truly was a blessing that we saw, the Lord is preparing people to meet with us.  Well, i hope everyone has a good week! This week are are up to a lot of service, i’m excited!


Elder Hanks


A Janitor jumped out of the closet and yelled “Supplies!” haha

Pics: SO a little snow- it melted.  The new church initiative, go to or the link on my blog to learn more and watch a cool new video.  And i discovered that we had the same shirt, so cool!



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