Service- and some lessons

Ok so this week we helped out a ton of people- one time we loaded a u haul and took it to the dump- did not smell too good- did some painting- my sisters are laughing at me since i have no artistic skill at all- moving a pool table(very carefully), getting a snowblower started, raking leaves (AGAIN) the using a wonderful invention called the leaf sucker- glorious! oh and polished some horse saddles, no pictures unfortunately but soon. We also taught a lesson to a less active couple- we talked about the book of Mormon, talked about their experience with it, then we shared our favorite verses with them and testified of its truthfulness and as we did the spirit was there too and we knew they could feel it.  They promised to start reading the Book of Mormon more consistently, trying for every day.  It was one of those times i left a lesson and felt in my heart that id did what i was supposed to do and let the spirit do the rest of the work.  That is how people find out about the truthfulness of the gospel. They read the Book of Mormon and pray about it- and if they are truly seeking, then the Holy Ghost to tell them that it is of God.  Last week of the Transfer, but i’m pretty sure me and elder G are staying here- so in Burlington for Christmas in 3 weeks (know for sure next week).  Well, That sounds like it is it.  WE watched the Christmas devotional last night, a wonderful devotional, see on  and continue telling people about the Light the World initiative!


Elder Hanks

Joke: Out of them right now, so what did the farmer say when he lost his tractor?

Wheres my tractor!

Pics: got paint on my arm, and a package with stuff im allowed to open.  GOT WOOL SOCKS I HAVE THE GREATEST GRANNY EVER!!! And me and Elder G. WE are so cool.



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