OK so let me start out by saying two weekends ago we had a stake conference and i forgot to say something about it. It was truly wonderful experience, Elder Dunangon from the 70 presided.  Umm let me see it focused on the Book of Mormon and Keeping the Sabbath day holy.  Truely amazing. SO this was the last week of the transfer, and for the weekdays me and elder Gutirrez spent hours trying to find people to teach- we visited formers, less actives, and knocked so many doors all of the faces have blended together.  Let me see.  Saturday we had Zone Council in the morning, the way we do missionary work is changing slightly.  Revelation given to our wonderful mission president president Shields.  Also we had an amazing Ward Christmas Party, so many people came, members, less actives, and even some nonmembers.  It was spectaculr- i served the vegetables to everyone! haha.  So let me see.  Oh yeah church was ok- not a ton of people, i think the snow drove people away.  Walked in the snow a bit, then had dinner at a members place kinda far away- got to drive on the highway in the snow- yes i am still alive (and so is the car)- my companions sanity, i am not 100% sure haha.  WEll, im staying in Burlington this Christmas, so excited to talk to my FAMILY!!!!! Happy Holidays to All,

Elder (AL) Hanks

So good jokes:

Why can you not email a Jedi a photo?
Because attachments are forbidden!

A drunk walks into a bar with jumper cables around his neck. The bartender says, “You can stay but don’t try to start anything.

Q: What do you call an deep sea Transformer?
A: Octopus Prime!

Q. How much room is needed for fungi to grow?
A. As mushroom as possible.


A really cool house, my scripture chain advent calenday, snow this morning, me in a santa hat cuase its that time of year, of year, pics of the ward chrsitmas party, and last night in the snow.  OH CANADA!



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