SO I get to Skype my family this week! so excited! Merry Christmas to all.  This week we ended up visiting a lot of members and teaching the, and we got quite a few referrals from them- member missionary work is awesome.  WE stopped by a former investigator and talked with him outside for 30 minutes, gave him a book of Mormon he said he would read it and to have the elders visits him in the summer! Miracle one, next miracle is that a 12 year old that we have been working with got the Aaronic priesthood, next we had our new convert of almost a year get the Melchizedek Preisthood- the spirit was so strong for both of them. Got dumped on this week- so lots of shoveling for us, and its wet so its heavy- that’s what we did Saturday.  My shoulders are still sore.  Well, love my mission and love the Christmas spirit! Love you all, and Happy Holidays!

Elder Albert D H Hanks, Esquire!


Q: What is green and fuzzy and if it fell out of a tree it would kill you?
A: A pool table.

Q: How do you find Will Smith in the snow?
A: Look for the fresh prints.

Pics: Me with boots from the apartment that are too big- gonna get new ones don’t worry mom- me and elder g, and elder G trying out an inversion table! Love ya



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