Off to Waterloo

So short this week- nothing much happened- we tried to find people to teach basically all week, and nothing.  Got the area ready just in case a  white wash happens, and then we had a fireside with someone from carpenter hospice came to speak to us.  They are awesome- highly recommend people looking into that.  Then we got the call.  I am off to Kitchener Waterloo area with an Elder Smith! I know absolutely nothing about the area or my companion, so let the adventure begin! Elder G stays- i love him so much we have grown together, i consider him family- i think i am leaving a part of me in Burlington, i will miss this place.  i think that means i did something right.  it hurts to leave, but the spirit has told me that the lord is pleased with my labor in Burlington and i am needed somewhere else now. SO the spirit of the Lord has called me away to somewhere new! Im excited.  Hope everyone is doing well, its gonna be February this week- i saw Valentines stuff in the stores- man it is weird! Well,


Elder Al Hanks

PS Jokes-

Q: What kind of car does Jesus drive?
A: A Christler.

Q: Why don’t cannibals eat comedians?
A: They taste funny.

Q: Why did the runner stop listing to music?
A: Because he broke too many records.

PPS Scripture of the week:

2nd Nephi 2:25

“Adam fell that men might be , and men are that they might have joy.” Life is sad a times, but we are meant to be happy too! Thats what god wants from all of us.

PPPS Pics: a war memerial for the koreon war, very humbling and spirit was felt there, me and elder g, us looking awesome, a dinner we hada members – love chinese food- us shovelign into the churhc parking lot, a blue jays cookie, and us right now.



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