Spring time???? Valentines Day????


So get this.  its the 14th of February and I don’t even realize what that means until I am writing in my journal at night and see February 14th an think wait a second that means it was valentines day!!! So yeah I missed valentines day, which is good I guess considering I’m a missionary and dating is a no no.  So hahaha that will make you laugh.  Other then that, this week.  So I am back off gluten and dairy when I can, so lunch and breakfast I avoid gluten- it just has been making me so sick. At dinner appointment I just have to be smart about it.  Plus I have been working out better in the morning- I’m starting to look more buff, more like my brother when he was in high school and not a skinny runner.  I’m down to 150 lbs.  So yeah I feel healthier- just hungrier all of the time. We are fed well in this area, plus with those appointments we have been asked to go over the Ward mission plan with them, so its been great to see how they now know what to do for missionary work.  Which is what we do, help other members do their missionary work- so many blessing come when that happens.  Due to family day here in Canada I have pday on Tuesday this week and thus have to use a public library that will kick me off if I go over 2 hours.  Lots of fun right?  oh wells, free computer usage.  Let me see- oh yes me and elder Perry have been doing well, he is good at talking to people, so we have gotten better at talking to everyone- not perfect, but we are improving. We have spent a lot of time getting the apartment and area organized so we can work effectively.  That is not too much fun, but someone has to do it. We have also tried sooooo many formers- that’s what we decided to try for finding this week, pull out former investigators that could be interested in meeting again.  So far nothing, but I know the Lord rewards our righteous actions and as long as we act in faith, we will be rewarded- whether right now, later, or in the next life, they do come(paraphrase from an Elder Holland quote, cant remember the exact one).  We went to a Zone Conference in London- and hour and half drive there, then also an hour and a half back in one day- and I got to see Elder Bybee!!!!! Love that guy.  he is doing great, he has a Chinese companion right now- and I have a French speaking one, so how hilarious right? Also met the only other missionary that my trainer elder McKinnon- may he rest in peace hahahaha – trained, Elder Taylor from Kaysville Utah.  he is a Zone Leader.  Soooooo cool!  Well, that is all worth reporting.  Wait, oh yeah it was about 10 degrees Celsius this weekend and that’s like 40 of 50 Fahrenheit I’m not sure but we were out and about WITHOUT JACKETS ON!!! so weird. Springtime in February? its gonna be a hot summer. Also, ive been out for 8 months.  Yeah! Gotta go, but loves to all.  take care.

Elder Hanks

Scripture: 2nd Nephi 4:15-16, love the scriptures!

Jokes: Venison for dinner again?   Oh deer!

How does Moses make tea?   Hebrews it.


England has no kidney bank, but it does have a Liverpool


I tried to catch some fog, but I mist.


They told me I had type-A blood, but it was a Typo.

Pictures for this week: Me and Elder Bybee, Me and Elder Taylor, My bedroom and my desk/working area, and us outside in February without jackets.  Sweet!



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