What a week- Zone Conference, The Temple, and GENERAL CONFERENCE!

Wow what a week. to start we had Zone conference.  We talked about a lot of very cool stuff, but i especially love the part where we talked about the doctrine of Christ and how the process of faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end is a cycle, but to think of it more accurately think of it as a spiral staircase- we are going in circles with each step, but in reality we are slowly ascending with each step higher and higher to heaven. It blew my mind, and changed my whole attitude regarding missionary work and the gospel. The rest of the week we got to help out with the bishop storehouse, something i always  love doing, then helping out more with service for a former investigator.  We were able to visit with a few less actives, they are doing well, very powerful lessons.  We visited a few members this week, they are starting to trust us a lot. But the highlights of the week- We got to go to the temple on Friday morning! Its such a wonderful and beautiful place- if anyone is wondering about going to the temple- GO! GET READY AND GO! its one of the single best decisions you will ever choose.  I saw some old friends from the mission- like my old companion elder Gutierrez! he is doing so well, and the investigator we were teaching the 4 1/2 months HAS A BAPTISMAL DATE! I was ecstatic! my work in Burlington actually brought forth some fruit! I feel at peace about it.  Then General Conference! So many wonderful talks were given, my favorite was the tone by President Uctdorf of the First Presidency- about the power of fear versus the power of love, i think Sunday morning session. I wish they could have kept talking- but now its our job to go out and work! Well, thats my week. Gotta go- loves!

Elder Hanks

Scriptures of the week- D and C 121:34-46, excellent versus that can apply to all parts of life.


Q – Why does your nose run?

A – Because it can’t walk.

What gets wet as it dries?

A Towel!


Pictuers: The temple, me and elder bakker and mcbeth the farsi elders- love them- me and elder guttierez and elder luo, me and my companion, and elder stahli. Oh and a Maple Festival that we tried to talk to people at- its super cool.


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