This week

so yeah the big things that happened this week. We went tracting a lot, and ended up finding three people that said we could come back and share our message. One wasn’t there when we did… but we will try later for sure! one of them i simply asked if they wanted to hear a message about Jesus and she said yes! her name is sue, she is very nice another is Michelle, we talked about the book of Mormon and she seemed very interested.  it was basically a miracle, since i have never had anyone seem interested from tracting, and three this week!  Stake Conference was good, some wonderful talks were given.  Very insightful. other then that, not a ton happened. Visited some members- did some missionary work, they are doing some as well.  oh, we helped move a GIANT wooden and glass cabinet for an older couple last Monday- it was heavy.  Also went to east side marios- and Italian restaurant- got some all you can eat soup and salad. Like one step below johnny Corenos if anyone knows what that is.  Also Zone Council.  Talked a lot about the book of Mormon- always good review.  makes me want to use it more in everything i do.  well, that is about it. Two more things- one satan uses any means necessary to try and make us give up or feel we dont make a difference or that we are replaceable.  when i reality the savior tells us that is not true, 100% not true. he needs EVERYONE in his army.  Even the loss of one soul is heart wrenching to him. if we can try to imagine that love he has, then we will not need to fear.  Also, check out the new easter intiative, #peaceofpeace on


Elder Hanks

Jokes:  what did the excited farmer do when spring finally came? A: He wet his plants. Q:Where would you find flying rabbits? A: in the hare-force

Q: What happens when frogs park illegally? A: They get toad.

Q – Where do baby apes sleep?

A – In apricots


Q – How do birds fly?

A – They just wing it


Q – Why does a cow wear a bell?

A – Because it’s horn does not work


Q – What do you do with a sick scientist?

A – Well if you can’t helium and you can’t curium then you might as well barium


Q – What do you call a girl who’s just come back from the beach?

A – Sandy


Q – What do bees comb their hair with?

A – A honey comb

Scripture: D & C 121: 1-10

Pictures: The Easter initiative: and yes we got snow AGAIN!


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