OK so let me just say- i absolutely love small towns! you know where everything is and it just feels nice! i love it here in Napanee, i almost have the entire thing memorized already.  We have a small branch here of about 30 active members, we have a small box like building for a chapel and i love it. Everything is close together and easy to access. We got fed a ton this week, the members here take very good care of their missionaries! Its good, but i will need to make sure to workout. Investigator wise we met with one this week, he was a little distracted so hopefully we do better this week.  We are trying to get the branch really involved in reaching out to less actives and returning members to grow the branch. We are starting to do a lot of service. We helped move and pour some wet cement this week, i thought of my dad since he sells cement trucks, and we also weeded for about 5 hours on Saturday- i actually got quite sunburned on my arms, it was great! getting the apartment clean and organized as well, its actually pretty good we should finish this week. This next Sunday we are having a Regional broadcast from Salt Lake, thats going to be good- so no real church for two weeks in a row since this week was District Conference, which is basically Stake Conference but the Kingston area isn’t large enough to be a stake.  I absolutely loved it, such a good feeling there. President and Sister Shields, our mission President and his wife were actually there as well! They spoke, i loved it. my new companion, elder Strong, is from Lethbridge, Alberta Canada so my second Canadian companion! he is the District Leader, i also gave an instruction in District Meeting this week on Introducing Scriptures, hmmm wonder how i got that assignment being the District Leaders Companion and all. What else- oh yes i love Napanee! So happy to be here and excited to help the branch out and do tons of missionary work!

Well, thats all folks!

Elder Hanks

PS Jokes:

Q: Why are ghosts bad liars?
A: You can see right through them.

Q: Why did the house go to the doctor?
A: It was having window pains.

Q: What do computers eat for a snack?
A: Microchips!

Q: Why does a cow wear a bell around its neck?
A: Because its horns don’t work.

Q: Why do centipedes have 100 legs?
A: So they can walk.

Q. what do you call a bear with no teeth
A. A gummy bear

Q: Why shouldn’t you take atoms seriously?
A: Because they make up everything.

PPS Scripture of the Week

Moroni Chapter 1 is really one i studied there.  I love verse three, and i will not deny the Christ also.

Pics! Me and Elder Strong, it was raining on our 3 hour drive to Kingston. Me sunburned real good! and me and elder Strong and Elder Sommmers



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