Rain rain go away….

Hello! So this week  don’t think it stopped raining.  It rained so much that i hear the tunnels in Montreal flooded! the river here flooded too.  SO yeah! we have been going through all the papers we have and have been organizing it, trying to make it more efficient and easy to work, so preparation time to work our butts off the last part of the transfer.  Not much else happened, we had district meeting and i went to Kingston with Elder Coffey, spelled the Celestial way, and it was a ton of fun! we taught 2 lessons one to a less active and one to an investigator and then we tried to drop by a bible referral and handed a guy outside the building named Richie and Prince of Peace card and he took a Book of Mormon and a Restoration pamphlet and we got his number and address! An awesome new investigator in Kingston, literally another time the Lord literally took us to the right place at the right time and all we had to do was open our mouths! it was great.  I had lots of fun with him. We had a broadcast for the Northeastern part of North America and some people spoke inducing Elder Dallin h Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, it was great! That was pretty much it.    Love ya, gonna TALK TO MY FAMILY ON SUNDAY I LOVE MOTHERS DAY!

Elder Hanks

Q: What time is it when a elephant sits on a fence?
A: Time to fix the fence.

Q: Wanna hear a joke about construction?
A: Never mind, I’m still working on it.

Q: What do you do with epileptic lettuce?
A: You make a seizure salad.

Q: What did one hat say to another?
A: You stay here, I’ll go on a head.

Q: What did the magnet say to the other magnet?
A: I find you very attractive!

Q: Why are ghosts such good cheerleaders?
A: Because they have a lot of spirit!

Q: Why did the painting go to jail?
A: It was framed.

Q: Why are ghosts bad liars?
A: You can see right through them.


Ether 12:6 on Faith, fantastic scripture.

Pictures: Our chapel, s donkey in the shed of the chapel for Christmas time nativity, the rain flooding the park, and a prefect shot into elder strong’s hair.


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