17 Miracles

So last pday we just relazed, went and saw a cool monument that was dedicated for the first missionaries in Canada. then tuesday- we did some service, helped to get some preperation done for the movie night- wednesday we did some more service, visited some potentials- no one was interested- had dinner at a members, then we traveled to belleville for zone cenference on thursday- great meeting- they talked about how we need to talk to more people, and work with members.  Did not get a ton of sleep the night before, we were exhausted by the time we got home.  fridaywe had correlation, helped some mebers with gettting ready for young womens camp, had dinner, got the movie night finalized, visited some members, and then it was saturday! we visited some mebers, one less active man that is working towards getting his wife baptized in the temple so he can get sealed to her! then we had te movie night! we watched 17 miraceles, a movie about the early pioneers. Exellent movie.  we had about 20 people there, one less active i have never seen come to church and another non member who has investigated the church for years- he is called an eternigator.  he is nice. saturdy night i was exhausted, sunday i woke up sick. but we still went to church, taught sunday school- agian! thsi time it was on the word of wisdom.  we also ate lunch with members after, its called birthday sunday. then i went home and slept for the rest of the afternoon, hydrated and ate and did studies, and slept through the night.  felling much better today.   i have gotten better at talkign to people- still a sturggle for me.  Well, thats the week. Take care, i lvoe you all.

Elder Hanks

Scripture: Alma 22:15-18 talks about the king of the lamamnites and how he was willing to give up everything to know god- are we wiling to give up everything to love and serve god?


Q: Why are hairdressers never late for work?

A: Because they know all the short cuts!


Have you ever tried eating a clock?  It’s very time consuming.


Q: What is the color of the wind?

A: Blew.


Q: Why do museums have old dinosaur bones?

A: Because they can’t afford new ones.


Q: What did one wall say to the other wall

A: “Meet you at the corner!”

Pics: half of my mtc district, elder callister, me and elder wilkins, and the monument we saw last week.  and a lake.  its a cool monumnet, and its about lds missioanreis and its in my area!


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