Well, its was a a really good week.  Tuesday we went Lazertagging worth the zone.  It was fun, we then had dinner at a members.  Wednesday, we had a normal day until we decided to drop by a potential we had talked to on the street on Sunday.  And he was home, and let us in and we taught him the Restoration!!!! it was so awesome, we finally got a new investigator! our first one in my current area since i got here, about 3 months ago. We visited him again this week and taught him again. Him name is Jilles, he is from Quebec,  he is awesome. we will be seeing him tomorrow.  On friday we had district meeting, and some of the members came. they fed us lunhc. me and another elder put on a skit about Exodus 18 with Moses and Jethro, and we connected it to Missionararies using members in missionary work.  then i went on an exchange with Elder Martin to belleville- he is from Arizona.  we had a good time.  The rest of th week is good- i am avoiding gluten, it takes me out rpetty bad i i have any these days. my companio is helping me too. Also, at church, a returning sister brought ehr two sons who we never have met before to churh, and they had questions! we are going to see them sometime this week! two more potential investigators! a week full of miracles.  well, have a great week! love ya!

Elder Hanks


Why did Mickey Mouse go to space? To visit Pluto.

What did the chicken say when it got to the library? “Book book book book book book book…”

What’s brown and sticky? A stick!

Scripture: Alma 34 was a great chapter, i just felt the spirit extra strong when i read it this week.

Pics: The labels for the people we acted as- other missionaries helped- for our skit, and me and elder MArtin- at a stoplight of course;)


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