Dances, Movies, Musical Numbers…

So this was one very interesting and fairly busy week.  Monday we played sports with the zone- i got nailed in the face with a dodgeball a few times, and one of them i was sitting down! just turned my head, looked back and pow- yeah.  Tuesday was District Meeting, we talked about becoming more Christlike missionaries.  Afterwards me and the Zone Leaders talked to some stuggling missionaries- luckily the Spirit was there and they were able to work things out.  I then went on exchanges to Brockville, 50 minutes the direction away from Kingston that Napanee is- sooo abut an hour and ahalf away from Napanee.  We had dinner with some members, then i was given the opprotunity to do a Baptismal Interview with one of their Investigators there.  Her name is Erin, and it was a very spiritual experince.  We talked about the questions, baptism, the church, questions she had.  Then she got baptised on Saturday!!!!! SO cool to hear about. Anyways, exchanged back the next day. had dinner with a member, visited with Greg our Inv.  Taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ- he loved it.  Visted some other Less Active members, trying to help them come to church- they did for part of church so that was good. thusrday we had correlation, scripture study class, Visited a lady that is starting up her own company- a less active member, has to find someone to cover work on sunday.  Then we went to Kigston to spend the Night with the Zone Leaders so we could go to a Dance performance performed by a BYU- Idaho Dance group, can’t remember their name. But they did all kinds of performances- ballroom, tap, story ones, dancing to stories.  The performance was called the Storytellers- you can look it up it was awesome.  We had some Less Active members come as well as some nonmembers. It made me and Elder Peterson both performing trunky- meaning we wanted to be on stage performing haha.  Friday we drove back to napanee and finalized our Movie night we were hosting at the Church- it was Ephraim’s Rescue. About Ephraim Hanks, who helped the Willy and Martin Handcart company when they got stuck. No i do not know if i am related sorry.  Saturday we visited a member who is working to the Temple so he can get his deceased wife baptized and he can be Sealed to Her for time and all Eternity!!! Then We had to prepare talks for Sunday, and since we were busy in the moringin the took up most of the day- elder Peterson went in depth. 20 minute talks are not east to prepare. Sunday- we perfomred a musical rendition of I Believe n Christ from the Hymn Book, i played the piano- right hand- ad elder peterson sang.  Then we gave talks. Also, the Hanks curse followed me- every time we have talks, its a big occasion and everyone shows up- i have never seen that many people in our building.  It was like ok well Hanks’s must give great talks. Had a potluck after church called Birthday Sunday, celebrating birthdays in the ward for the month, and after churh we wre exhausted- but still had to do weekly planning.  Talk about energy depervation.Also, a member mad eme gluten free chocolate cupcakes- sooooooo good! Our Inv Will be baptized on the 19th of August, as of current- will keep you posted- love yuo all!

Elder Albert D H Hanks


Q: Did you hear about the mathematician who’s afraid of negative numbers?
A: He’ll stop at nothing to avoid them.

Q: How did the ghost go on vacation?
A: By scareplane!

Q: When are holes beautiful?
A: When they’re gorges.

Q: Why is a river rich?
A: It has banks on both sides.

Q: Why did Anakin Skywalker cross the road?

A: To get to the Dark Side.

Scripture: John Chapter 14 is an exellent chapter to read, but my favorite is in John 15:13.

Pics: Ok so this is what happens when you are doing weekly planning on Sunday afternoon- too good not to take a picture. Me and Elder Sayers, the one from Brockville i went on exchanges with- he si from Cold Lake Alberta.  The invitation for the storytellers perfomrmance.  and Elder Peterson, so you can see a better picture of him. Love y’all!



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